Health Informatics

Major Research Interests

  • SEALS provides data extracts and analysis for a wide range of scientific, financial and clinical research initiatives.
  • Data linkage involves the understanding, extraction, cleansing, processing, de-identification/re-identification and joining of disparate data systems. These data systems are often of considerable size and include
    • Laboratory Information Systems, Laboratory Analyser Interface Systems, Blood Product Management Systems, Quality Control, Incident and Management Systems, Hospital Patient Management Systems including patient diagnostic and procedural coding, Emergency Department Systems and other speciality data sources such as specimen turnaround time tracking systems and Genetics warehouse databases.
    • Scientific, financial (pricing, costing and benchmarking) and clinical data models are developed to assist and facilitate research outcomes.

Collaborations with the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Transfusion Research Unit, Monash University and Clinical Excellence Commission, Blood Watch and Clinical Analytics.

Research Staff

Prof Johanna Westbrook (AIHI)

Prof Andrew Georgiou (AIHI)

Elia Vecellio

Dr Ling Li (AIHI)

Prof Roger Wilson

A/Prof Robert Lindeman

Alex Eigenstetter

Dr Mary Dahm (AIHI)

Dr Rae-Anne Hardie (AIHI)

Dr Daminda Weerasinghe (AIHI)

Julie Li (AIHI)

Gorkem Sezgin (AIHI)

Recent Grants

2015-2020: NHMRC Partnership Grant: SE Area Laboratory Service (SEALS), Australian Commission on Safety and Quality Health Care (ACSQHC), and Australian Institute of Health Innovation: Delivering safe and effective test result communication, management and follow-up.  Georgiou A, Westbrook JI, Greenfield D, Horvath A, Wakefield D, Liong L, Hillman K.

Research Papers