SEALS Pathology Research

A large amount of high quality research is conducted within NSW Health Pathology East, and much of this is closely aligned with the research activities of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and its associated Clinical schools, Institutes, Research Centres and hospitals. The research is part of the network within NSWHP and has been established to fit within the Operational and Strategic Plans of NSWHP. 

The vision of our research is to provide better health care through better understanding of disease.  The aim is to improve health services and outcomes for patients by:

  • Providing world class facilities and strategic collaborations, to enhance advances in medical science that translate into improved diagnosis and treatment
  • Encourage world class/award winning research
  • Facilitate integrated multi-disciplinary approaches to medical research, diagnostic services and patient care
  • Develop world-class educational and training programs to develop high quality researchers and clinicians to optimise translational outcomes (contact Prof D Wakefield))
  • Embed a culture of research collaboration and facilitation in NSWHP East and associated hospitals and research facilities

*SEALS Research has over $42M in current grants

*SEALS Research has more than 300 publications in the last 3 years

*Staff supervise many graduate students and research staff in addition to their clinician and project work.