SEALS understands that having blood or other specimens collected can cause some anxiety. Be assured that SEALS employs experienced and appropriately trained staff to perform pathology collections. Our staff rotate between inpatient wards, outpatient clinics and home collections and are experienced in the collection of blood from the very ill, frail and the young.

Collection Service Options

SEALS has a number of conveniently located Collection Centres as well as the option of having a collector come to your home (Home Blood Collection Service). Patients can have specimens collected at any of these locations by our experienced specimen collection staff.

Billing Information

SEALS are a non-for-profit pathology service and as such, most tests are covered by Medicare so there should be no out of pocket expenses. Click here for further Billing Information.


All SEALS Pathology Results are provided to the Requesting Clinician in confidence.

As the contract for the test and the related results is between SEALS and the Requesting Clinician SEALS is unable to provide test result information to other parties unless requested to do so by the Requesting Clinician.

Patients who wish to receive a copy of their test results must ask their treating clinician for a copy of the results to be forwarded to them.

NSW legal requirements on patient confidentiality prevent SEALS from providing test results to patients (or those who profess to be patients), their carers or significant others over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to some of the common questions about pathology please click here.

Information Sheets

For information on how to collect specific samples or what you need to do prior to collection click here.

SEALS Call Centre

If you have a concern or enquiry on any aspect of pathology please call the SEALS Call Centre. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to deal with any of your questions.
Please call us toll free on: 1800 0 SEALS (1800 0 73257)
The SEALS Call Centre, based at Sutherland Hospital, is staffed Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6pm, and Saturday 8am to 12pm.