Medical Practitioners and Staff

SEALS has gained a favourable reputation over many years for its close collaboration and relationship with Clinicians and other institutions, to foster medically relevant research and best practice diagnosis.  We want to continue providing stronger relationships and partnerships to health care providers throughout the community.

Collection Service Options

SEALS has a number of conveniently located Collection Centres as well as our Home Blood Collection Service.

Client Liaison Officers

SEALS have a team of experienced Client Liaison Officers who are available to deal with your enquiries and help you get the best out of our service.

SEALS Information Sheets

We can provide you with a variety of pathology specific and general laboratory Information sheets.


We are able to provide a number of ways that you can receive your pathology results from SEALS. These include:

• Electronic delivery into your practice software via ARGUS
• Access via our web result portal
• Normal mail delivery
• Faxed results

If you would like to be set up to access your results via electronic delivery or web portal login please contact your relevant Client Liaison Officer (see above).

Your Patients and their Results.

All SEALS Pathology Results are provided to the Requesting Clinician in confidence.

As the contract for the test and the related results is between SEALS and the Requesting Clinician SEALS is unable to provide test result information to other parties unless requested to do so by the Requesting Clinician.

Patients who wish to receive a copy of their test results must ask their treating clinician for a copy of the results to be forwarded to them.

NSW legal requirements on patient confidentiality prevent SEALS from providing test results to patients (or those who profess to be patients), their carers or significant others over the phone.

Test List Manual

To ensure that you are able to request the appropriate test and have an understanding where the various tests are undertaken, we are able to provide access to our Test List Manual.

 Request Forms

SEALS can supply you with personalised request forms that are pre-labelled with your name, location and provider number. In addition to saving you time when filling the request form in, it also aids SEALS staff at the time of request registration as all your relevant information is present and easily found. If you would like to order a personalised request pad please contact the SEALS Call Centre on 1800 0 73257.
In addition to hand written request forms, SEALS has electronic request forms available. These can be used to print straight from your practice software (some configuration may be needed for some practice software). To obtain some electronic request forms please contact the SEALS Call Centre.
All request forms are available for download and printing. Please click here to access these files.

Rule 3 Exemption

The Australian Federal Government Department of Health restricts the payment of Medicare benefits so that when one or more requests are made on the same day for pathology services covered by the same item in the Pathology Services Table, only one benefit will be payable for the item, regardless of the number of times the test is perforrmed either on the same day or on different days.
A Rule 3 Exemption means that Medicare will pay a rebate for the tests which would otherwise not be eligible. Click here to find out more.

Consulting Services

SEALS has a strong commitment to ensuring that our referring Clinicians have access to efficient, effective, competitive and comprehensive clinical diagnosis and consultative services, as well as readily accessible professional support.
Our Staff Specialists are available to provide advice on a range of information, including the selection and interpretation of diagnostic tests in a wide range of areas. Please phone the SEALS Call Centre if you would like access to our consultative services and they will refer you onto the relevant Specialist.

Department Information

For further information about various clinical departments throughout SEALS click here.


MedCouRieR is a result enquiry tool only available for use by staff logged onto the SESAHS domain. To access MedCouRieR, click here if your patient is in SESLHD. Click here if your patient is in ISLHD

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