Haematology Clinical Services 

Our unit provides comprehensive care to patients with a broad spectrum of benign and malignant haematological disorders including leukaemias, lymphomas, myelomas and disorders of haemostasis or thrombosis.  The unit also provides high dose therapy and autologous stem cell transplantation.

Appointments and Clinics

our clinics are in 2 locations on the St.George Campus

• Clinics of professor Chong and Professor Lee are located in the prince wiliam wing of the  hopsital and appointments can be made on (+612) 9113 2513.  The Prince William wing is on the St.George Hospital campus and is most readily accessed from Belgrave St.
• Clinics of Drs Badoux, Ho, Hugman, Ramanathan and Roncolato are located in the Cancer Care Centre and appointments  can be made on (+612) 9113 394.  The Cancer Care Centre is on the St. George Hospital campus and can be accessed from Chapel st.
• Dr Ramanathan also see patients in the Oncology clinic at Sutherland hospital and appointments can be made on (+612) 9540 8140

Clinical Trials 

The Clinical Trials Unit has been operating since 1995 in a purpose -built dedicated unit.  The unit conducts research to maximise access to new and novel therapies for haematology patients.  Principal investigators are supported by a team dedicated to clinical resarch.  The clinical Research unit staff, are trained in research processes which are in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), offer high quality clinical trial management, and support and promote clinical research in our individual institutions.  The St George Hospital and The Sutherland Hospital are boyh ideally positioned for conducting trials requiring both inpateint and outpatient based populations.  The St.George Clinical School, operating from St.george Hospital, is part of the University of New South Wales.  The unit conducts trials in all haematology disciplines, and has an enviable record of success in clinical research.  the haematologists will advise you if you are eligible for any trial.   Our mission statement is " Making a difference in Healthlcare through Quality Research".

Cancer Outreach Program (COP)   
COP is an initiative of NSW Health allowing patients with haematological malignancies to be reviewed by expert haematology nurses in their own homes.  The team is staffed by two Clinical Nurse Consultants and covers the St.George District and Sutherland Shire.  We provide assessment, monitoring and  review of patients post high dose or complex chemotherapy regimes, this can also include  organisation of outpatient blood and platelet transfusions.  We provide an early discharge program for patients having peripheral blood stem cell transplant.  

Contact Us

Cancer Care Centre (+612) 9113 3943
Prince Wiliam Wing (+612 9113 2513
Sutherland Oncology Clinic (+612) 9540 8140

Haematology Secretary- Department of Haematology
Phone: (+612) 9113 3438
Fax: (+612) 9113 3942

Haematology Secreteries - Cancer Care Centre
Phone: (+612) 9113 3851
Phone: (+612) 9113 2692
Fax: (+612) 9113 3958

Clinical Trials Unit
Phone: (+612) 9113 1935

Cancer Outreach Program
Phone: (+612) 9113 1111 and ask for pager 392 or 345

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